I am a Photographer.

I am a Retired Psychiatric Home Care Nurse.

   I would describe myself as a scenic fine art photographer, who likes rustic images that bring a feeling of nostalgia and comfort to anyone looking at them.  I believe my work embodies a selfish need to want to go back to a simpler time that I didn't get to visit when younger.  While most of my images are mostly peaceful, there are a few exceptions that show an angry side of nature.  This too can be calming because the viewer is away from all of that; looking out; looking back.

   I love taking landscapes and seascapes, but am an opportunist when it comes to taking photographs.  I'll shoot anything if it catches my eye or has beautiful colors.  I'll pop colors; that is I'll saturate a color the way an artist would do with a brush.  I can't draw but using PhotoShop, LightRoom or any Plug-in that will help obtain the result I'm looking for.  Using these tools can make a color jump off the page.  Sure it may not look that vivid in real life but anyone who shares my vision will get lost in those colors.  I believe every photographer, or painter for that matter, has a conflict about when to stop with the process.  When does the artist lay down the brush and when does the photographer save and print the image.  With me I may add too  much color or sharpen an image, always asking myself is it good enough; am I good enough;  too much or not enough.  Throughout this new profession after retiring as a nurse, I have found myself at different times frightened that my ego was bigger than my art. Never a good businessman, always judging my work from show to show or sale to sale, I don't fool myself into believing I could make a living as a photographic artist.  

   Lately I've been displaying my photography in hospitals and clinics and the response I've received has brought me more rewards than money.  I'm human.  We all want to be loved and accepted for who we are and what we can do to bring joy and comfort to a patient, their family and friends, medical staff and anyone else who comes in viewing range of my work.   I am in every photograph I take.  Viewers may never understand the pain and joy involved in every image.   My art isn't for everyone;  that is a goal I strive for.

About Bil Palmer